Published March 26, 2012

More Stylish Content with Typography & CSS

As seen at Blog Better Boston 2012.

When Blog Better Boston asked me what I was going to speak about, I said "design hacks" off the top of my head.

As the day approached and I thought more about my audience, I realized that the room would be filled with bloggers of varying degrees of technical proficiency. Something more general was in order.

The presentation wound up being something of a primer on typography & CSS. I wanted to get bloggers to understand any attempts at a redesign should start with the content, and the essence of written content is typography.

Since its relatively easy to play with type in CSS (most bloggging platforms have a user-editable "custom styles" field), I gave a quick overview of what CSS is and how to start experimenting.

We unfortunately started a little late and I hit my time limit before getting too deep into the CSS fun, but I got a couple great reactions from my first real workshop.

My slides really just supported my narration, so they don't stand on their own well. Nonetheless, here they are: