Published February 07, 2012

Sublime Text 2 and Columns View and a Wish

I've got high hopes for TextMate 2, which we know is happening for sure now. But Sublime Text 2 has been my goto editor for the last few weeks now.

Plenty to like, plenty to loathe, but its refreshing and it comes in Cobalt.

But being blessed with a 27" Cinema Display, one particular feature is providing that "I can never go back to a time before this" feeling I haven't experienced since cold folding: column view. Specifically Columns: 4 ⌥⌘4.

Right now I'm mostly wearing the hat of Front-End Rails Developer at HipHost, which means I'm dealing mostly with four types of files: Controllers, Views, SASS stylesheets, and JavaScript.

Now here's that wish: four columns + four file types + some light OCD = Assign File Type to Column.

I should be a good developer and just figure out how to make this happen. But then there's that free time thing…

If anyone's interested in this, drop me a line. I can at least give a brain dump of my thoughts.